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SBH Solutions are experts in home and commercial heating.



SBH Solutions are experts in industrial and commercial heating. We supply heater jackets for drums, tanks and IBCs; and infrared heaters for a variety of applications.

Short wave infrared with halogen bulb is the most efficient means of transferring heat to a target area.

These Italian heaters are ideal for spot heating mechanical plant in a factory, warming people in workspaces or warehouses, and providing comfort heating to patrons in alfresco dining or beer gardens.



With SBH Solutions infrared heater range, you can heat only the areas you need, only for the time you actually need to.

Star Progetti heaters use the heat radiating properties of infrared rays. Just like the sun, the infrared rays move through the air and heat the objects exposed to them.

Because there is no dispersion of the heat, Star Progetti infrared heaters can save up to 70% compared to traditional air heating systems.

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