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Savaria is a global leader in the manufacture, installation and servicing of accessibility lifts and elevators for home and commercial use.



Savaria is a company that helps bring personal mobility to your life. Savaria designs and manufactures products to help people gain personal mobility, providing a range of accessibility lifts. We also produce elevators for home and select commercial applications.

In 2017, Savaria Corporation, a leading accessibility manufacturer, opened a direct sales division through an asset purchase of Master Lifts, a Savaria dealer.

Now operating as Savaria (Australia) Pty Ltd, the company is proud to serve the Australian market in Brisbane and Melbourn, as well as through Master Lifts franchise markets in Sydney, Adelaide and Cairns.



Savaria makes stairlifts, wheelchair lifts and elevators specially designed for home and specialised commercial use.

We can help with a lift outside to access your home by wheelchair, or if you want to ease the burden of stairs with a gliding stairlift. Savaria has a range of options that will help.

All of our products are made to help people move – whether it’s to improve mobility issues or to make life easier.

We listen to each customer’s unique mobility requirements and can provide individualised solutions.

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