Dry fixed roofing system designed for Australian conditions.




Although widely used throughout Europe for many years, in Australia we have not yet moved away from a traditional ‘wet’ method of mortar and pointing for securing ridge caps.

Benefits of RapidRidge.

  • Install in half the time – The process of installing RapidRidge is much more straightforward and hassle-free than a traditional mortar ridge
  • No maintenance – Dry Fixed roofs require no ongoing maintenance
  • Withstands movement more easily – Dry Fixed roofs allow for better and more flexible movement caused by nearby vibrations (road, train tracks etc.) or through natural processes of expansion and contraction.



RapidRidge is a brand-new concept in Australia. RapidRidge consists of 3 components that work together to securely hold the ridge caps in place.

  • A UV stabilised ridge flashing is placed over the ridge and adhered to the tiles with butyl strips.
  • Mechanical fixings (clips) are used to securely attach the ridge tiles to the roof. This eliminates the need to use mortar for bonding.
  • The ridge tile is fixed securely with the clips to the ridge batten, which is held in place by the batten holder.

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