Gutter Protector Australia

Gutter Protector Gutter Guards is a gutter protection system with a specialized filtering foam to keep your gutters clean.


The Gutter Protector foam wedge Gutter Guard was first used in America about ten year’s ago with great success. It was one of the most talked about products on American talk shows. It is now also used widely throughout Europe and Canada, again with the same great success.

Finally, it’s here in Australia, first introduced to Melbourne as Gutter Guard Melbourne and now supplying the whole of Australia as Gutter Protector Australia.


The Gutter Guards are a specialized filtering foam, that has been used in filtering water in all sorts of industries for many decades, it can not absorb or hold water due to its specialized cell structure, water just flows straight through Gutter Guard into your clean gutters, making it the best gutter guard available.

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