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Since 1999 Tower Hill Automation has been offering Melbourne the latest in Home Automation and Audio Visual technologies. Below is a short summary of some of the system that we offer.

Security cameras are becoming an important part of home security; not only as a deterrent, but also for peace of mind.

Whether it is to check on the kids in the back yard from your TV, or to check in on your home from your smart phone while you are on holiday, cameras can provide the reassurance of knowing that everything is OK.

Finger Print Access
Forget about keys, PIN numbers and cards! Biometric fingerprint scanners are the newest, most secure and easiest way to enter your home.

If connected to a home automation system a single finger swipe can unlock the door, disarm the alarm and even turn on some lights if it’s dark. A different finger can also be used to open the garage door, or turn everything off and arm the alarm system.

User enrolment is quick and easy, and can be managed with or without a PC.

Automated Lighting
Automated Lighting gives you the ability to easily control any of your lights from anywhere in the home. Here are a few examples:

- As you enter your home, a switch by the front door can trigger a lighting scene to turn on different lights, all to preset levels, for just the right mood.

- A switch next to your bed can turn off all the lights downstairs when you go to bed, or turn on all the outside lights if you hear a noise at night.

- Intelligent sensors can fade lights up and down as you walk down the hallway or up the stairs.

Security / Automation
As well as basic alarm systems and intercoms we also offer complete automation solutions.

We can integrate all of your home systems together so they work as one. Here are a few examples:

- When you leave your home, pressing one button on your remote can close your garage door, arm the security system, lock all the doors, turn the heating off, and turn off all the lights!

- When you return, the same can happen in reverse.

- When you are away the system can turn on and off a few lights to give the impression you are still at home.

- If your smoke detectors are triggered, lights can be turned on and doors unlocked.

- Any part of the system can be controlled via an app on your smart phone.

Multi Room Audio
Multi room audio allows you to enjoy your favorite music in any room of the house.

Using Smart Phones and tablet computers to control your audio, selecting what you want playing in each room is incredibly simple. Speakers can be portable or made to blend in with the ceiling.

Via the internet you can stream millions of songs instantly, or listen to radio stations from all over the world.

You can also listen to music from your computer, iPod dock or CD Player.

Home Theatre
Tower Hill Automation offers a complete range of Home Theatre solutions.

From a full dedicated room to a simple system in the lounge, we can custom design your new home theatre to suit your needs and budget.

Contact us to find out about all the amazing new products that can give you the full cinema experience in your home.

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